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 Suggested Lesson Plans

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1) Geometry
- While drawing designs have students use protractors to create the best corners and folds
- Study angles and shapes as the students try various folds to design their planes.

2) Measurement
- Measure the wing span of various birds and compare this to the flight distance and travel time.
- Compare the wingspan of an eagle with that of a hummingbird. (or similar sized birds)
- Once plane is built measure distance it travels in both metric and standard measurements.

1) Draw
-Original designs of paper airplanes and gliders

-Use links from this site to gather information on paper airplanes, aerodynamics and famous aviators.

2) Video
Watch videos on planes in flight.
1) Aviation
-Basic study of the science of flight.
-How the Wright Brothers got started and persisted.
-Lead your students through the formulas used to come to the conclusion that flight was possible for humans.

Social Studies:
1) Famous People
- Research Amelia Earhart
The Wright Brothers
Charles Lindburgh

2) History of Flight
- Follow the time line of flight from the first glider to the jets and military planes used today.

3) Geography/Map Skills
- Guide a study and research into the various flight paths of early and current aviators.

Language Arts:
1) Journal
- Have students keep a log of the research (successes/failures).
-Keep drawings of their original designs.

2) Pen Pals
-Through email or letters get in touch with those in the aviation field to bounce ideas.(local) Work on writing skills.

3) Survey sheet
- students must be able to fill in an online survey sheet to register their information in the on-line competition. 

1) Visitors
-Invite local pilots and aviators into the classroom.

2) Field Trip
-Take a field trip to a local Science or Flight Museum.

*3) Links
-Use the links found on this web site to connect students with NASA, the FAA, Pratt and Whitney, Sikorsky and many other national organizations and companies involved in aviation.

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