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The purpose of this website is for students to learn about the science of aerodynamics. Students will research and create a paper airplane which they will test against other students from around the country. 

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 Background Information

Engage your students in an interesting, hands-on study of flight.

Students will use math, science, history and writing in this comprehensive study of planes and flight. At the same time they will participate in an on-line competition with students from around the country.

Students will be required to use links from this site to gather information on planes, gliders and famous aviators.

They must use this information to plan, design and draw a plane or glider which they will build and test. They will also use this test flight to hone and refine their planes.

Results will be entered into an on-line questionnaire.

This is an interdisciplinary study and the following are ideas for activities to be used across the curriculum. Use them in any order and at any pace as you lead your students through this interactive study of flight.

In additon, be sure to check out the related links along the left side to gather your information and resources as well as direct your students.


1) Given internet access and various resources on paper airplanes, history of flight and aeronautics, students will design, draw and construct a paper airplane or glider.

2) Given information on aeronautics and the science and history of flight, students will demonstrate their comprehension of the subject matter by answering written questions.

3) Students will participate in an on-line competition with students around the country.

4) Students will test their planes to measure the distance traveled

5) Students will enter data from tests (from 4 above) into an on line survey sheet to be compared with other participants.


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